New! First Floor Two Bedroom Self Catering Apartment
Two bedroom First floor apartment with beautiful sea views overlooking St Ives Bay and Hayle Estaury.

The Penellen Guest Accommodation, St Ives Bay, Hayle

Beautiful guest accommodation in St Ives Bay, Hayle, Cornwall with the most spectacular sea views. At our room only accommodation Hayle we believe that if you are coming to the seaside then you want to see the sea from your guest accommodation - all of our bedrooms have sea views overlooking St Ives Bay to St Ives, Cornwall with front facing balconies to further enhance those sea views.

Enjoy our fantastic Atlas Conservatory with plenty of guest seating overlooking the beach and sea. You WILL be amazed (you may even see the Dolphins)!

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The Penellen is located right on the coast in Hayle on St Ives Bay just 2 miles from the A30 in Hayle, Cornwall. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings St Ives Bay has to offer with beautiful scenic coastal walks and golden sandy beaches. With so many attractions in Cornwall there is something for almost everybody from beaches, walks & tours, art galleries, family days out and more.

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Enjoy a restful night at the Penellen waking up to the beautiful uninterrupted views of St Ives Bay. Start your day by exploring the beautiful coast path, exploring coves and absorbing the local history.

The Penellen is located right on the coast in Hayle on St Ives Bay and serves as the perfect base location for exploring the whole of Cornwall.

We are right next to the sea. No more trudging miles, we are 50 yards from the beach.

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  • Rare Sighting of Humpback Whales Delights Off the Coast of Falmouth Rare Sighting of Humpback Whales Delights Off the Coast of Falmouth

    A breathtaking spectacle unfolded off the coast of Falmouth last Thursday as residents and tourists alike were treated to a rare sighting of humpback whales gracefully frolicking in the waters. The majestic creatures, known for their massive size and distinctive knobbly heads, delighted onlookers as they breached and spouted in the crisp sea air.

    The extraordinary sighting occurred on Thursday afternoon, with several eyewitnesses reporting the presence of at least three humpback whales in the vicinity of the coastline. Local marine biologists and conservationists have hailed the event as a significant moment, emphasizing the importance of such sightings for the local ecosystem and marine biodiversity.

    "It was an awe-inspiring experience," remarked a tourist visiting from London. "I've never seen anything quite like it. The sheer size and grace of these magnificent creatures left me speechless."

    Humpback whales, known for their acrobatic displays and haunting songs, are not commonly seen in the waters off Falmouth. Their appearance has sparked excitement among marine enthusiasts and conservationists, who see it as a testament to the region's rich marine life and improving environmental conditions.

    A marine biologist at Falmouth University, emphasized the significance of the sighting. "Humpback whales are iconic symbols of the ocean's majesty and resilience. Their presence here is a positive indicator of the health of our marine ecosystem and the effectiveness of conservation efforts."

    The sighting has also prompted calls for increased efforts to protect marine habitats and mitigate human impacts on ocean health. Local authorities have urged boaters and enthusiasts to observe responsible whale-watching practices, including maintaining a safe distance and minimizing disturbances to the animals.

    As the news of the humpback whales' visit spreads, anticipation grows among locals and visitors alike, eager for future opportunities to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of these gentle giants in their natural habitat. The event serves as a poignant reminder of the wonders that await in the vast depths of the ocean, just off the shores of Falmouth.

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  • St Ives Bay Welcomes Visitors with Exciting Local Events St Ives Bay Welcomes Visitors with Exciting Local Events

    Visitors to the picturesque St Ives Bay area in Cornwall are in for a treat as the local community gears up to host a series of exciting events that promise fun, culture, and adventure.

    1. St Ives Food and Drink Festival: Food enthusiasts will delight in the upcoming St Ives Food and Drink Festival, scheduled to take place from March 15th to March 17th at the scenic Porthminster Beach. This annual event showcases the finest local produce, with a tempting array of artisanal foods, beverages, and culinary delights. From freshly caught seafood to artisan cheeses and locally distilled spirits, there's something to tantalize every palate.

    2. Art Exhibitions and Open Studios: St Ives has long been renowned as a haven for artists, and visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant local art scene through a variety of exhibitions and open studios. Wander through the narrow streets and discover galleries showcasing works by both established and emerging artists, capturing the beauty of Cornwall's landscapes and seascapes.

    3. Coastal Walks and Outdoor Adventures: With its stunning coastal scenery, St Ives Bay offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure. Visitors can lace up their hiking boots and embark on scenic coastal walks, taking in breathtaking views of rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. For those seeking more adrenaline-fueled activities, options abound, including surfing, kayaking, and coasteering along the rugged coastline.

    4. Music and Cultural Events: From traditional folk music sessions in cozy pubs to live performances at the iconic Tate St Ives, there's no shortage of cultural experiences for visitors to enjoy. Keep an eye out for live music events, theatre productions, and cultural festivals celebrating Cornwall's rich heritage and artistic talent.

    5. Local Markets and Craft Fairs: For a taste of authentic Cornish charm, be sure to explore the bustling local markets and craft fairs dotted throughout the area. Browse stalls brimming with handmade crafts, locally produced goods, and unique souvenirs to take home as mementos of your visit.

    Whether you're a foodie, an art aficionado, or an outdoor enthusiast, Hayle and St Ives Bay offers something for everyone to enjoy. Come and experience the warmth of Cornish hospitality and create unforgettable memories in this idyllic coastal paradise.

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  • Cornwall Winter Charm Discover the Magic of St Ives Bay Cornwall Winter Charm Discover the Magic of St Ives Bay

    While Cornwall is renowned for its sunny summers and bustling beaches, there's a special kind of magic to be found in the colder months, particularly in the enchanting St Ives Bay area. Here's why visitors are flocking to Cornwall during winter:

    1. Tranquil Beaches: With the summer crowds dispersed, winter offers a rare opportunity to enjoy the pristine beaches of St Ives Bay in peaceful solitude. Wrap up warm and take a leisurely stroll along the golden sands, breathe in the crisp sea air, and marvel at the dramatic coastal scenery.

    2. Spectacular Sunsets: Winter in Cornwall brings with it some of the most breathtaking sunsets you'll ever witness. Head to one of the many vantage points overlooking St Ives Bay and watch in awe as the sky is painted in hues of pink, orange, and gold, casting a magical glow over the sea.

    3. Cozy Pubs and Cafés: Escape the chill of winter and cozy up by the fire in one of St Ives Bay's charming pubs or cafés. Sip on a hot cup of cocoa or indulge in a hearty Cornish pasty, while soaking in the warmth of traditional Cornish hospitality.

    4. Cultural Experiences: Winter is the perfect time to immerse yourself in Cornwall's rich cultural heritage. Explore the cobbled streets of St Ives and discover art galleries showcasing works by local artists or visit historic landmarks such as the iconic St Ives Harbour and the Tate St Ives gallery.

    5. Storm Watching: Cornwall's rugged coastline is at its most dramatic during the winter months, making it the ideal time for storm watching. Witness the power of the Atlantic Ocean as waves crash against the cliffs, sending spray soaring into the air - an awe-inspiring sight not to be missed.

    6. Festive Celebrations: From Christmas markets to New Year's Eve celebrations, Cornwall knows how to embrace the festive spirit. Join in the merriment with carol concerts, festive light displays, and traditional Cornish festivities that capture the magic of the season.

    Plan Your Winter Escape: Whether you're seeking tranquillity, natural beauty, or cultural experiences, St Ives Bay offers a winter getaway like no other. Embrace the charm of Cornwall's colder months and create memories to last a lifetime.

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Accommodation Hayle, St Ives Bay

At The Penellen Hayle we are 100 yards from the golden sandy beach of St Ives Bay. We have PROPER sea views and not just "glimpses". You can see the beautiful sandy beach and the sea from The Penellen. We truly have the sea on our doorstep.

We are probably in the best location in St Ives Bay as we overlook the bay towards St Ives, Cornwall. We have unrivalled & spectacular panoramic sea and coastal views over to St Ives, Cornwall and the three miles of golden sandy beach in Hayle which stretches right round to the lighthouse at Godrevy.

Rooms 1 and 2 have front facing balconies so you can sit outside on the balcony and watch the activity on the beach. The views are fantastic.

Our Atlas Conservatory has plenty of seating and is ideal for visitors to enjoy a take-away meal or drink while enjoying the amazing views over looking St Ives Bay.

The Penellen is Wi-Fi enabled in all bedrooms – our Wi-Fi is FREE - please ask us for more details.

You will have the beach and sea right on your doorstep. We are only 100 yards from the sea and the sandy beach. You can watch for hours whilst families play on the beach and in the sea. No more walking for ages to get to the sea for you, you are literally there. Whilst everyone else goes back to their places of stay, you can stay as long as you want because that is where you live for all your holiday stay.

You will love our seaside views as we have probably the best position in the St Ives Bay area, lying just 10 yards from the Cornwall Coastal path and just 100 yards from three miles of golden sandy beach of St Ives Bay, Cornwall. For panoramic views of St Ives and Carbis Bay, then the Penellen is just for you. Our location is the ideal setting to watch the surfers and sometimes even the dolphins jumping in St Ives Bay and the little fishing boats from Hayle harbour going out to sea. We are just a few moments from the sandy beach and the deep blue sea of St Ives Bay, Hayle.

If you are looking for accommodation near St Ives Cornwall, then come and visit our guest accommodation at the Penellen . We have stunning views overlooking St Ives Bay to St Ives Cornwall – the centre of St Ives is just about 5 miles away from our guest accommodation.

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Our superb guest accommodation in St Ives Bay, Hayle has 2 first floor guest bedrooms with fantastic sea views and en-suite facilities. With our outside patio area overlooking the sea and beach of St Ives Bay, Cornwall, what better place to sit and take in some of the best breath taking views that Cornwall has to offer of St Ives Bay and St Ives Cornwall.

Hayle is an ideal base whether you are travelling for pleasure or business. We are close to the A30 which gives you easy access to the whole of Cornwall and all the fantastic places it has to offer.

For room only accommodation near to St Ives Cornwall, with superb sea, beach and coastal views - overlooking St Ives Bay towards St Ives then we are hard to beat. There's no need to worry about parking either, we have ample FREE parking so park the car, leave the car and enjoy. No more trudging half a mile to the coast.

We also provide a fridge for our guests to keep their refreshments in.

Close to the Penellen we have Paradise Park - it's literally a stones throw away. If you are going to visit St Ives, it is well worth taking the train from Lelant, the train journey has the most amazing sea and coastal views.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Address: The Penellen, 64 Riviere Towans, Phillack, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 5AF
Telephone: 01736 753777 Email:

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